£500,000 in Additional Annual Revenue

LeanConvert was tasked with driving improved revenue from both new and returning visitors to Distrelec’s site, needing to deliver positive ROI within four months.


Distrelec wanted to decrease their bounce rate and increase the conversion of new visitors landing directly on a product page.

Distrelec wanted to find a scalable solution to upsell returning customers.

Proven ROI needed to be delivered quickly through improved acquisition and personalisation methods.


  • 8.47% uplift in revenue.
  • 4.78% uplift in add-to-carts.


Distrelec is a leading B2B electronics and technology distributor as well as a member of the German stock exchange-listed Aurelius Group.

For over 40 years, customer support optimisation has remained one of their most integral pillars.

LeanConvert Solution

47% of Distrelec’s new customers entered the site directly on product pages, and 70% of those visitors did not continue onto a second page.

LeanConvert introduced welcome message variants to engage and inform users of Distrelec’s unique selling points. Continually testing and optimising new user journeys led to a reduced bounce rate and increased average order value.

Improving New  Customer Journeys.jpg Improving New  Customer Journeys2.jpg

Elevating conversion performance resulted in reduced CPAs and improved acquisition media spend for over a quarter of a million new visitors.

The improvements LeanConvert made to our customer journey had multiple benefits — most notably for me, improved performance for our paid acquisition.

Will Cox, Head of Digital Proposition and UX at Distrelec

We’d lost faith in optimization companies after our last vendor, but LeanConvert helped reinvigorate us. They made promises on ROI and they more than delivered on them. LeanConvert are wholly integrated into our team and have worked with vendors on our behalf on technical issues and contract renewals, which was an enormous weight off our shoulders. During Covid-19, we needed to respond rapidly to the changing situation, and their agility was invaluable for Distrelec and our customers. At the end of the day, LeanConvert's results really speak for themselves.

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