30% Less Time Filling Out Forms

Entain trusted in LeanConvert's in-depth knowledge of the gaming sector and a proven track record in reducing CPA across different markets.


To innovate and iterate from the traditional form field registration to a new, more effective design paradigm. This would involve a mobile-friendly conversational interface that works better for millennials.


The combined efforts of Entain’s product team and LeanConvert delivered an increase of 11.5% in registrations from iOS devices. Time spent completing the form was reduced by 30%.

  • 5.7% increase in mobile registrations.
  • 11.5% lift in registrations on IOS mobile devices.
  • 30% reduction in time spent filling out forms.

About Entain

Entain (previously GVC) is one of the largest sports betting and gaming groups in the world, operating a great number of the industry’s most popular online brands.

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LeanConvert Solution

LeanConvert hypothesised that implementing a conversational-style form would cause an uptick in registrations coming from mobile devices.

We conducted iterative testing across thousands of new users over two months.


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No other partner has been able to support Entain’s product team to deliver results of this calibre.



Head of Product, Analytics and Optimisation

Leaning In

The collaboration between Entain’s product team and LeanConvert helped accelerate implementation and delivery of the conversational interface across international markets.

There was a consistent uptick in acquisition and revenue throughout.

They made the process seamless. After testing and implementing the new form, we saw an uptick in registrations, which had a positive impact on revenue. We decided to apply these learnings across all of our sports and casino brands internationally. In the end, working with LeanConvert paid for itself, and then some.


Head of Product, Analytics & Optimisation

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