Over £330,000 in Attributed Revenue

Quiz Clothing understood that combining their industry expertise with LeanConvert’s knowledge around technology and data-driven optimisation could unlock a ton of value.


Quiz was always an industry leader in terms of product curation. They picked out the best pieces and trends for their customers’ ever-evolving taste, keeping up with the rapidly-changing world of fast fashion seasonality.

The retailer understood that combining their industry expertise with LeanConvert’s knowledge around technology and data-driven optimisation could unlock a ton of value. For example, LeanConvert could help Quiz save money by optimising (and even reducing) their current tech stack rather than purchasing new software.

Additionally, LeanConvert could implement their expertise around social proof to greatly increase Quiz’s conversion rate.

About Quiz Clothing

Quiz clothing (FTSE) was founded in 1993 in Scotland, with hundreds of locations across the United Kingdom.

The retail group is highly focused on offering fashion’s latest trends in occasion-wear at affordable prices, keeping their customers and their preferences in mind at all times.

LeanConvert Solutions

£271,000+ in Attributed Revenue for Black Friday

In order to maximise the opportunities around Black Friday and the Holiday Season, by far two of Quiz’s most crucial shopping periods, LeanConvert built a 1:1 sales feature that allowed Quiz’s merchandising team to sell to specific groups at specific times, enabling them to change products and deals on the fly based on data-driven performance.

£15,500+ in Additional Revenue In Test (+ Costs Saved)

Quiz had two recommendation engines that both delivered uplift. LeanConvert tested the two against one another in order to see which should be cut in order to reduce costs and drive the most positive customer experience.

After thorough experimentation, Adobe proved to be more useful to shoppers, with a clear increase in ultimate purchases.

£330,000+ in Attributed Revenue with Social Proof

In order to inform shoppers that a product they might like could sell out, LeanConvert tested ”Quick! Only x left!“ messaging on shoppers’ baskets for items whose stocks were 20 or less. As fashion is an inherently social product and industry, this type of social proof messaging was crucial in improving Quiz’s CX.

This tool helped shoppers understand that the item might sell out if they didn’t buy it quickly, ultimately leading to a massive increase in revenue.

LeanConvert was an ideal partner for our first step into the world of optimisation. They helped us understand which technology we needed, what we needed to do to maximise key shopping periods, how to deliver social proof that put us in-line with the rest of the market, and more. Their approach helped us optimise key areas of the website which resulted in an increase in key stats.

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Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce at Quiz

We were excited to work with Quiz because of their data-driven approach to decision making. We were inspired after hearing them talk about the science behind the store’s location and setup and then how they were looking to grow digital. The combination of the artistic side of trend prediction and the laser focus needed for buying, along with the flexible, fast-paced change in trends made it a really fascinating challenge for us to support.

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Tim Axon, Managing Director at LeanConvert

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