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17 July 2024

How the cookie crumbles

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10 July 2024

The digital dichotomy for luxury brands

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10 July 2024

Are you about to (en) shit yourself?

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9 July 2024

These experiments were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do…

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30 June 2024

You don’t need to outrun the bear; you just need to outrun your friend. 

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10 June 2024

9/10 marketers believe experimentation is ‘essential’ in 2024

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10 May 2024

Tailor-made for success: How to deliver personalised customer experiences at scale

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1 March 2024

What is Lean Methodology? A Beginner’s Guide

If you couldn’t tell from our name, Lean Methodology sets the foundation of how we work at LeanCon...

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7 August 2023

Watch out for the big fat remote working lie

The fact is that people like working from home. But the reality is that many organisations do not li...

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