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Stefan Kalcher

Head of Product, Analytics & Optimisation

“LeanConvert’s drive and expertise become contagious, and that translated into powerful results. ”


Entain wanted to enhance their optimisation strategy and infrastructure, scaling up the their test-and-learn culture with new software, error-proof testing, and upgraded skills.



More tests in the first year

Increased test accuracy

Accelerated approach to testing

Increased overall effectiveness

What happened next?

In 2018, Entain enlisted LeanConvert’s managed services in order to strengthen their optimisation strategy and create meaningful customer experiences. This caused a significant uplift in completed registrations for Entain, which you can read about here.

The success of this program inspired Entain to work with us in a larger capacity, enlisting us to transition and teach our skills and know-how to their team, enabling them to scale up their internal experimentation and personalisation programs.

We used interactive, action-oriented training to help Entain’s in house optimisation team build experiments faster. As time went on, they became more and more capable of operating with less guidance from us – with the goal always being to become independent through learning.

Instilling our unique approach to optimisation helped them to stay organised and informed with clear, trackable objectives. This new lean culture around testing was a major factor in significantly boosting Entain’s velocity and has become integral to their process.

Better together

Our industry is fuelled by innovation–it’s all about simplification and optimisation of journeys and experiences. LeanConvert supported us to test and learn at a pace that got us ahead-of-the-curve. The tests and iterations delivered powerful statistical results, but the real power was the outcome of now outlearning our competition. They’re not afraid to share their secret recipe, which helped to create a trusting, collaborative way of working across Entain

Stefan Kalcher

Head of Product, Analytics & Optimisation

Better together

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