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Michel Tjoeng

Head of Digital and Customer Experience

“Successfully bringing together our online and offline experiences led to a massive increase in customer conversion.”


De Beers control about 35% of the world’s rough diamond sales, grossing several billion pounds each year but they were finding that engagement rings, a top seller in-store, were not selling as easily online. The question became how can we recreate De Beers’ instore luxury tailored experience for their online customers?



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What happened next?

We redesigned aspects of the online experience to better match that of the bricks-and-mortar store, helping to create an omnichannel journey.

  1. Insights and Impact Mapping
    We combined behaviour analysis, optimisation technologies, and our unique impact mapping methodology to understand where and when shoppers were dropping off.
  2. Customer Empathy
    By rearranging the filters so that they were ordered from most important (carat) to least important (size), with “importance” being determined by analysing shopping behaviour, shoppers were much more likely to reach the end of the selection process. Understanding what was important for De Beers customers was crucial.
  3. Frictionless Experience
    We mimicked the ease of in-store shopping by automatically opening and closing consecutive filters (rather than forcing the shopper to click through each one

Better together

We wanted a partner that understood optimisation as well as luxury — someone that could help accelerate transformation but also get results during the process. That’s LeanConvert.

When it comes to engagement rings, the selection process is supported in the store by a diamond expert. Online, the customer doesn’t get the same support. We needed to improve that so that the two experiences could better match. Successfully doing so led to a massive increase in customer conversion.

Michel Tjoeng

Head of Digital and Customer Experience

Better together

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